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Main Stage - Day 1

Tuesday 17th November

  • HRH The Prince of Wales opens It’s Time Festival

    17 Nov 2020 15:00 GMT

    Opening remarks by HRH The Prince of Wales

  • SH Logo

    You are alive for a reason

    17 Nov 2020 15:15 GMT

    A video re-examining our relationship with the Earth, which concludes this: that you are alive for a reason.

  • Kurzgesagt Logo

    Is it too late to stop climate change?

    17 Nov 2020 15:20 GMT

    Animated video exploring how much time we have left to solve the climate crisis.

  • Jon HalesPE Logo

    Choose Life Now | The Global Goals

    17 Nov 2020 15:31 GMT

    Question: How do we progress toward climate action in a post-2020 world? Answer: New, big, bold, beautiful #Choices

  • Tessa Clarke

    Food Waste is Nothing Short of an Environmental Travesty

    17 Nov 2020 15:34 GMT

    Tessa Clarke, co-founder of OLIO, discusses food waste, and the touching story that led to the creation of OLIO, the sharing app.

  • Panel discussion

    COVID and the Climate: global pandemic meets global crisis

    17 Nov 2020 16:00 GMT

    The effects of coronavirus cannot be understated. Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have died from the virus. Millions have contracted it. And billions have had their way of life changed forever.However, one overlooked impact of the pandemic has been its effect on the environment. To discuss this, Nature 2030 has brought together a panel of experts who will answer the question: How do we stop Covid-19 from diverting attention from the climate emergency?

  • WWF Logo

    Time is running out #ActForTheAmazon

    17 Nov 2020 16:48 GMT

    Hear from Lewis Hamilton, Jess Glynne, Cel Spellman, Asa Butterfield, Jade Anouka and Manal Rostom about the action we can take to support indigenous and local communities and protect the rainforest and its wildlife.

  • Lesein Mutunkei

    Trees for Goals!

    17 Nov 2020 17:00 GMT

    Here Lesein tells about his amazing initiate he set up called Trees for Goals: because he believes football has a power to connect, to change and to inspire young people to achieve a greener future.

  • WWF Logo

    Planting the right trees in the right places

    17 Nov 2020 17:03 GMT

    An exploration of why it’s not just planting trees that’s important in the climate fight – but planting the right trees in the right places.

  • WWF Logo

    What are the threats facing the Amazon?

    17 Nov 2020 17:08 GMT

    Join WWF in exploring the threats facing the Amazon, and why it’s so crucial to protect the Amazon.

  • Chris Redston Headshot

    Save the rainforest, save the climate!

    17 Nov 2020 17:13 GMT

    Chris Redston, the Executive Director of Rainforest Trust UK, explains why protecting rainforests is so important for our climate.

  • Turtle Journey: the crisis in our oceans

    17 Nov 2020 17:33 GMT

    Six out of seven sea turtle species are threatened with extinction. Greenpeace and Aardman created this hard hitting animated story…

  • Matt Lipson HeadshotRob BelgraveAndrew Medhurst HeadshotPaula Miquelis HeadshotCarrie Hutchison
    Panel discussion

    The Never Ending Story: how narratives are essential to inspiring climate action

    17 Nov 2020 17:40 GMT

    Chair: Rob Belgrave from Wirehive who is joined by speakers: Andrew Medhurst from Extinction Rebellion, Paula Miquelis from Green Is The New Black, Carrie Hutchison from Lonely Whale and Matt Lipson from Energy Systems Catapult

  • Craig Leeson HeadshotMaddie Duggan HeadshotMalcolm Wood

    The Last Glaciers: An exclusive sneak peak of the film, and interview with Craig Leeson and Malcolm Wood.

    17 Nov 2020 18:23 GMT

    Craig Leeson is an award-winning filmmaker.  He is the director, explorer/narrator, writer and executive producer of the multi-award winning documentary feature films “A Plastic Ocean” (released 2017) and The Last Glaciers (due for release 2020). 

  • Chad Frischmann Headshot

    Drawdown: the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming

    17 Nov 2020 19:01 GMT

    Chad Frischmann, Vice President and Research Director at Project Drawdown, introduces the world’s leading resource for climate solutions

  • Repurposing Resources

    17 Nov 2020 19:25 GMT

    Hippo Roller reinvents the oil drum as a water transporter that revolutionises the lives of those whose homes are far from their water supply.

  • Stephanie Dickson HeadshotYan Swiderski
    Panel discussion

    We Can Be Zeros: How everyone can achieve net-zero emissions by 2050

    17 Nov 2020 19:31 GMT

    Elliot Coad, director and co-founder of Ecologi is joined by panelists Christian Arno (Paw Print), Darren Wilson (Kabloom), Yan Swiderski (Global Returns Project) and Stephanie Dickson (Green Is The New Black)

Main Stage - Day 2

Wednesday 18th November

  • The Time to Act Is Now

    18 Nov 2020 15:00 GMT

    Inspiring ideas for a sustainable future.

  • WWF Logo

    David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet Trailer

    18 Nov 2020 15:08 GMT

    Watch the trailer for the stunning documentary David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, produced by WWF and award-winning film-makers Silverback Films.

  • Ash Sanders Headshot

    How to Cope with Climate Grief in a Time of Climate Crisis

    18 Nov 2020 15:22 GMT

    Writer and journalist Ash Sanders discusses climate grief, and how we can all navigate the difficult feelings that come up in the face of the climate crisis, and how to reclaim our power to act for good.

  • Bernadette Vallely-Hay Headshot

    Never Give Up!

    18 Nov 2020 15:40 GMT

    How to persevere and thrive in difficult circumstances. Bernadette Vallely has 35 years’ experience as a successful environmental campaigner, and tells us some of the methods she uses to keep positive.

  • Bernadette Vallely-Hay HeadshotChris Redston Headshot
    Panel discussion

    Right here, right now: understanding where we are in the climate crisis, and where we need to be

    18 Nov 2020 16:00 GMT

    Kendal Archer from The Planet Mark chairs this panel, featuring speakers: Alan Mahon (Brewgooder), Bernadette Vallely (Your Planet Needs You), Chris Redston (Rainforest Trust UK), and Tony Burdon (Make My Money Matter).

  • Rob Greenfield Headshot

    For 30 Days I Wore Every Piece of Trash I Created

    18 Nov 2020 16:45 GMT

    The average American creates 4.5 pounds of trash per day but most people never think twice about the trash they make. Rob Greenfield wanted to create a visual that would help people understand just how much trash they create and inspire them to make positive changes. So for 30 days, he lived just like the average American and he wore every piece of trash he created. 4.5 pounds a day really adds up!

  • Catarina Lorenzo Headshot

    My activist story, and how we can ALL make a change

    18 Nov 2020 16:50 GMT

    Brazilian youth activist Catarina Lorenzo explores her own activist journey, and encourages young people around the world to get stuck in.

  • Andrew Medhurst Headshot

    Living in climate truth — we all must rebel!

    18 Nov 2020 17:10 GMT

    In this thought-provoking presentation, Andrew Medhurst of Extinction Rebellion talks about his personal journey and work with XR – and how important it is that we all live in climate truth.

  • Intrepid Travel Logo

    They call her Mama Overland! East Africa’s first female truck driver

    18 Nov 2020 17:30 GMT

    Meet Becky: East Africa’s first female truck driver. As a woman in a traditionally male profession, Becky is breaking gender stereotypes and inspiring the next generation of Kenyan and Tanzanian girls to follow their passion into their dream careers.

  • Leo Taylor Headshot

    Fighting climate change with edible insects

    18 Nov 2020 17:35 GMT

    Hear from Leo Taylor, co-founder Better Universal Grub – or BUG – about the sustainable superfood that is edible insects, and how we can and must change our perceptions about food.

  • David Urban Headshot

    A guide to sustainable travel and storytelling

    18 Nov 2020 17:51 GMT

    David Urban talks about his experience eco-traveling, the importance of narrative in persuading others to change – and ways to save money, time and the environment while exploring the planet.

  • Keir Starmer

    Keir Starmer: on the climate crisis

    18 Nov 2020 18:00 GMT

    Sir Keir Starmer shares his thoughts on the climate crisis, the challenges facing us all and how the time to act is now.

  • Exposure Labs Logo

    Chasing Coral: Documentary

    18 Nov 2020 18:05 GMT

    Divers, scientists and photographers around the world mount an epic underwater campaign to document the disappearance of coral reefs.

  • Rob Rinder HeadshotBernadette Vallely-Hay HeadshotCrista BuzneaZina Bencheikh Headshot
    Panel discussion

    It’s Time: playing our part today for a brighter tomorrow

    18 Nov 2020 19:30 GMT

    Nick Boles is joined by broadcaster Rob Rinder, Zina Bencheikh of Intrepid Travel, author Bernadette Vallely, and Crista Buznea and Elliot Coad, of Ecologi for our final panel discussion, to close the festival.

  • A Rave in Nature

    18 Nov 2020 20:00 GMT

    Come unwind at our “Rave in Nature”, a 60 minute beat infused sensory tour through nature by Campion & Adapt.

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