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Carrie Hutchison

Carrie Hutchison

Lonely Whale

Carrie Hutchison is the Chief of Staff and Director of Communications at Lonely Whale, which works with strategic partners to develop data-driven campaigns that address systemic issues, hack culture, and reconnect us to each other, encouraging behavior change away from single-use plastic and toward a healthy, thriving ocean.

Carrie brings 20+ years of experience in branding, marketing, communications and management to her role.

Her previous experience includes corporate communications at National Geographic, independent consulting for organizations such as NPR and Georgetown University, two years as a Resident Fellow at the German Marshall Fund, and teaching marketing and personal branding at The George Washington University School of Business.

Carrie’s passion for storytelling, humanitarian spirit and expertise across a multitude of international disciplines lends to her success as a leader, speaker, mentor and activist.


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