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Bernadette Vallely

Your Planet Needs You

Bernadette Vallely’s writing includes 1001 Ways to Save the Planet, The Young Person’s Guide to Saving the Planet with Debbie Silver, and in October 2020, Your Planet Needs You! an everyday guide to saving the earth, Virago.

She is co-author of Gender & the Climate Change Agenda: The impacts of Climate Change on women and public policy for WEN, 2010. Among her many awards includes being a United Nations Global 500 Environmental Laureate. She worked for Women’s Environmental Network (which she founded in 1994), Greenpeace International, Friends of the Earth and Save the World Club; creating a multi-award winning urban recycled arts project involving 15,000 people.

In 2012, Bernadette founded the Shakti Sings Choir, bringing people together to honour the earth through song.

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