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Innovation Stage - Day 1

Tuesday 17th November

  • HRH The Prince of Wales opens It’s Time Festival

    17 Nov 2020 15:00 GMT

    Opening remarks by HRH The Prince of Wales

  • Panel discussion

    The Need for Sustainability Within Retail

    17 Nov 2020 15:10 GMT

    Helena Mansell-Stopher chairs this panel, joined by Daniella Vega (Selfridges), Phil Cumming (Boots), Eleanor Barker (Boots) and Rikesh Desai (BBC) to discuss the need for sustainability within retail.


  • Nature 2030

    17 Nov 2020 15:54 GMT

    John Higginson introduces international campaign Nature 2030.

  • May Al-Karooni Headshot

    Introducing Globechain: helping companies reuse and redistribute unneeded items

    17 Nov 2020 16:00 GMT

    Founder, May Al-Karooni, introduces the ‘reuse marketplace’ Globechain, talks about how she started the company, and answers some frequently asked questions.

  • Earth Minutes Logo

    NOW x British Farming

    17 Nov 2020 16:06 GMT

    Through investigating the NFU (National Farmers’ Union)’s target to reach net-zero emissions by 2040, Earth Minutes explores the role that British farmers play in our fight against climate change.

  • Farmer Tom down on the farm!

    17 Nov 2020 16:17 GMT

    Tom Morphew, from Full Circle Farms, talks about sustainable living and regenerative agriculture.

  • Leo Wezelius

    Scaling technology that can reduce methane emissions from cows

    17 Nov 2020 16:30 GMT

    Leo introduces Volta Greentech, a tech company working to scale the production of asparagopsis, an algae which dramatically reduces emissions from cattle.

  • Korean Pancake – Recipe from Happy Food

    17 Nov 2020 16:40 GMT

    One of my dearest friends, Soljee, is from South Korea, and I have spent quite a lot of time there and this is one of my favourite and quickest dishes to make – The Korean Pancake – crispy on the outside and filled with veggie goodness on the inside, it is wonderful dipped in the best tamari dressing ever!

  • Alexandra Clark

    The Conscious Consumer

    17 Nov 2020 16:45 GMT

    An exploration and profile of the Conscious Consumer in the UK, following extensive research by Telltale Research. The full report can be found here.

  • Rachel Seow Sosa

    Aarstiderne: Establishing the business case for going green

    17 Nov 2020 16:54 GMT

    Rachel Seow Sosa explores the history of Aarstiderne, a company that sells 100% organic vegetables and meal boxes in Denmark and Sweden, and explains how to build sustainability and respect for others into the DNA of your company.

  • Be the change you want to see in the world

    17 Nov 2020 17:01 GMT

    Martin Palethorpe encourages you to control your thoughts and invoke your inner wisdom, to establish your role in the story of our world, and to help facilitate positive change.

  • Russ Avery

    10 Minutes With… Russ Avery

    17 Nov 2020 17:13 GMT

    Another episode of our 10 Minutes With… series, where Sam catches up with Russ Avery, the ‘sustainability marketing guy’ to talk about sustainability consulting, eco-entrepreneurship and the campaign to tackle eco-anxiety.

  • Tom Peacock-Nazil Headshot

    Solutions for Clean Seas, by Seven Clean Seas

    17 Nov 2020 17:40 GMT

    Tom Peacock-Nazil introduces Seven Clean Seas, a rapidly-growing ocean cleanup organisation, and talks about how individuals who are bold enough to start something small – like a beach clean – can really make waves in the fight against climate change.

  • WDHT

    We Don’t Have Time – About our app

    17 Nov 2020 18:06 GMT

    An introduction to the We Don’t Have Time app, the social network connecting climate-conscious individuals.

  • WDHT

    We Don’t Have Time – Digital Conference Aftermovie

    17 Nov 2020 18:08 GMT

    Aftermovie summarising the contributions and conclusions from We Don’t Have Time’s digital climate conference in September 2020.

  • Samantha Mason

    SMEs and the SDGs

    17 Nov 2020 18:14 GMT

    Sam Mason talks about the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and how introducing them to your plans, strategy and decision making can help to future proof your business.

  • Recovering Waste Water

    17 Nov 2020 18:25 GMT

    Under 50 percent of India’s population has access to safe drinking water. Absolute Water’s Green treatment plants convert waste into drinking water organically.

  • George May Headshot

    Recycling Coffee

    17 Nov 2020 18:31 GMT

    Bio-bean is the world’s largest recycler of spent coffee grounds, turning this waste into resources that can be used domestically and commercially.

  • Matt Lipson Headshot

    Introducing the future of energy

    17 Nov 2020 18:36 GMT

    Animated video from Energy Systems Catapult, introducing the revolutionary concept of selling heat as a service.

  • Matt Lipson Headshot

    The idea of selling heat as a service – Climate Assembly UK

    17 Nov 2020 18:40 GMT

    Matt Lipson, of Energy Systems Catapult, re-constructs the way we think about providing heating to homes.

  • Roxy Furman Headshot

    How I Set Up and Run My Own Eco-Friendly Business!

    17 Nov 2020 18:53 GMT

    Roxy talks about how she began and runs her own eco-business – Zephyr Eco Market.

  • WWF Logo

    Our Planet: Our Business

    17 Nov 2020 19:07 GMT

    Created by the Emmy® Award-winning Silverback Films and WWF, Our Planet: Too Big To Fail and Our Planet: Our Business have been produced specifically for a business audience and can be used to engage colleagues on what climate change and nature loss mean to your business. The films show what is at stake from a changing planet and provide inspiration on how any business, of any size, can get involved in the solutions.

  • Tom Greenwood HeadshotDennis Hettema HeadshotMay Al-Karooni Headshot
    Panel discussion

    Eco-nomics: the business case for going green

    17 Nov 2020 19:44 GMT

    Tom Greenwood, Hayley Clarke, Jonathan Withey and May Al-Karooni join Ecologi’s own Dennis Hettema for a discussion about how businesses can recognise that going sustainable isn’t just an environmental necessity – it’s a commercial one.

Innovation Stage - Day 2

Wednesday 18th November

  • Russ Avery

    The interconnectedness of nature and the role that marketers can play in tackling the climate crisis

    18 Nov 2020 15:00 GMT

    Russ Avery talks about how the beauty and interconnectedness of nature is the only source of inspiration that purpose-driven businesses could ever need. He tells us that there’s a good business revolution happening, and that sustainability marketers have a huge opportunity and responsibility to lead from the front, helping to drive the transition to a new green economy.

  • Rewilding the Highlands

    18 Nov 2020 15:13 GMT

    Aecom’s Natural Capital Lab uses state-of-the-art technology to assess the economic value of 100 acres of rewilded land in the Scottish Highlands.

  • David Macdonald Headshot

    The Biggest Impact You Can Make – Move your Pension & Savings

    18 Nov 2020 15:20 GMT

    David Macdonald, founder of The Path, discusses one of the easiest ways to have a huge impact in the fight against climate change: moving your money.

  • Kurzgesagt Logo

    Who is responsible for climate change and who needs to fix it

    18 Nov 2020 15:40 GMT

    In this video by Kurzgesagt in their series about climate change, explore who is responsible for climate change and how we need to go about fixing it.

  • Earth Minutes Logo

    NOW x Fisherman’s Kisses

    18 Nov 2020 15:50 GMT

    Through exploring cutting-edge research by the Cornish Plastic Pollution Coalition and interviews with the UK’s first recycled kayak brand, Odyssey, the importance of working with local fishermen and the need for innovation is revealed.

  • Leo Taylor Headshot

    10 Minutes With… Leo Taylor, BUG

    18 Nov 2020 16:10 GMT

    We spent 10 minutes getting to know Leo Taylor, co-founder and CEO of BUG.

  • Amelia Gammon

    Using cottage industry to power green decentralised manufacturing

    18 Nov 2020 16:20 GMT

    Amelia Gammon discusses how she built her eco-friendly company, bide, through cottage industry networks in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Philip Kithil Headshot

    Introducing Ocean-based Climate Solutions

    18 Nov 2020 16:30 GMT

    Phil Kithil introduces his organisation Ocean-based Climate Solutions.

  • How Green Sand May Save Us

    18 Nov 2020 16:40 GMT

    Tom Green discusses how Project Vesta is working towards the potential to remove CO2 permanently, economically, and on a massive scale.

  • Gustav Stenbeck Headshot

    Where business and sustainability intersect

    18 Nov 2020 16:46 GMT

    Gustav Stenbeck discusses his career founding and investing in sustainable companies – and demonstrates how the private sector can step up to help deal with the climate crisis, where governments and state actors have failed.

  • Roxane Uzureau

    10 Minutes With… Roxane Uzureau

    18 Nov 2020 17:10 GMT

    In this quick-fire interview, Sam chats to Roxane Uzureau, CEO and Co-founder of barePack, about plastic waste in the food industry in Singapore.

  • Yan Swiderski

    Reinvest in Earth

    18 Nov 2020 17:26 GMT

    Yan discusses one incredibly simple personal climate action that could raise billions for climate action every year.

  • Business Declares Logo

    Introduction to Business Declares

    18 Nov 2020 17:38 GMT

    Fiona Ellis, Director outlines how Business Declares campaigns for business to declare and act on climate and ecological emergency with businesses in the UK.

  • Huib van BockelTenzing Logo

    Creating Energy from Nature, for Nature

    18 Nov 2020 17:46 GMT

    Huib van Bockel talks about using his brand to shift people’s mindset towards one that is planet-conscious. He’ll be offering a sneak exclusive as to how you could join TENZING’s mission in January, when they launch their new environmental programme.

  • Reusing Captured Waste

    18 Nov 2020 18:05 GMT

    CCm captures carbon dioxide and other waste streams, and either stores the captured material or converts it into fertilizer or other useful resources.

  • Renewable Optimization

    18 Nov 2020 18:11 GMT

    As the Indian government targets a rooftop solar capacity of 40GW by 2022, Solar Labs looks to increase the pace of installations by offering automated computer analysis of rooftop capacities.

  • May Al-Karooni HeadshotGail GallieGeorge May Headshot
    Panel discussion

    The Mother of Invention: how the climate emergency is fueling a new age of innovation and technology

    18 Nov 2020 18:17 GMT

    In this panel discussion, host Gail Gallie of Project Everyone talks to George May (Bio-Bean), May Al-Karooni (Globechain) and Ghislain Irakoze (Wastezon) about new commercial and technological innovations that have come about as a result of the urgency of climate change.

  • WWF Logo

    Our Planet: Too Big To Fail

    18 Nov 2020 19:00 GMT

    Created by the Emmy® Award-winning Silverback Films and WWF, Our Planet: Too Big To Fail and Our Planet: Our Business have been produced specifically for a business audience and can be used to engage colleagues on what climate change and nature loss mean to your business. The films show what is at stake from a changing planet and provide inspiration on how any business, of any size, can get involved in the solutions.

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