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The Arts & Community Stage - Day 1

Tuesday 17th November

  • HRH The Prince of Wales opens It’s Time Festival

    17 Nov 2020 15:00 GMT

    Opening remarks by HRH The Prince of Wales

  • Emma Askew HeadshotEarth Minutes Logo

    The Universal Climate Challenge: Engaging the Unengaged

    17 Nov 2020 15:10 GMT

    Emma Askew, 23-year-old founder of Earth Minutes, talks about communicating the climate crisis, and how you can use creative skills to inspire and engage people.

  • Antonio Aragon Headshot

    The Rising Tide Sons

    17 Nov 2020 15:21 GMT

    From photojournalist Antonio Aragon Renuncio, the hard-hitting piece, The Rising Tide Sons, documents the devastating effects of sea-level rise in Togo and other West African countries. With an audio introduction by Antonio himself.

  • Catarina Lorenzo Headshot

    My activist story, and how we can ALL make a change

    17 Nov 2020 15:27 GMT

    Brazilian youth activist Catarina Lorenzo explores her own activist journey, and encourages young people around the world to get stuck in.

  • Paul Cripps Headshot

    Queña Raymi – Festival of the Trees

    17 Nov 2020 15:39 GMT

    A short documentary exploring the reforestation projects underway in the Peruvian Andes.

  • Shiva Dhakal

    Case Study: Sustainable Tourism in Nepal

    17 Nov 2020 15:51 GMT

    Explore how community empowerment and environmental stewardship help to promote responsible tourism in Nepal. Hosted by Shiva Dhakal, managing director of Royal Mountain Travel. 

  • Andri Magnason Headshot

    Iceland’s glaciers, and a letter to the future

    17 Nov 2020 16:02 GMT

    Andri discusses connecting to the future in this video, originally for TED Countdown, October 2020.

  • Xavier Cortada Headshot

    The Underwater Homeowners’ Association

    17 Nov 2020 16:10 GMT

    Artist Xavier Cortada makes the climate issue personal for residents in Pinecrest, Florida – because at just six feet of sea level rise, most of their county is underwater.

  • Repurposing Resources

    17 Nov 2020 16:20 GMT

    Hippo Roller reinvents the oil drum as a water transporter that revolutionises the lives of those whose homes are far from their water supply.

  • The Opera Story

    Nature: Water & Air

    17 Nov 2020 16:32 GMT

    Words by: JL Williams. Composed by Dani Howard. Sung by: Baritone- Benjamin Lewis & Katherine Aitken. Played by: Violinist- Alexandra Lomeiko, Cellist- Peteris Sokolovskis, Flautist- Imogen Royce & Clarinetist- Peter Cigleris. Photography- Michael Matti.

  • Guy Loftus Headshot

    Climate storytelling – by filmmaker Guy Loftus

    17 Nov 2020 16:35 GMT

    Guy’s experiences during lockdown caused him to reflect on the world he saw his children were to inherit and his hopes that the act of storytelling will inspire the collective action he hopes to bring about.

  • UKYCC Logo

    Systems change, not climate change

    17 Nov 2020 16:45 GMT

    The UK Youth Climate Coalition discuss the changes to global structures and systems that will tackle climate change.

  • Rob Greenfield

    How youth activists make use of social media within the climate movement

    17 Nov 2020 17:10 GMT

    Rob Greenfield of 33Seconds discusses how the youth climate movement uses social media to communicate and organise – and explains how he helped to build Earthtopia, the largest eco community on TikTok.

  • Loukina Tille HeadshotIsabelle Axelsson Headshot

    A discussion about the climate crisis from a youth perspective

    17 Nov 2020 17:16 GMT

    Isabelle and Loukina talk about climate science, trees and youth activism and how you can get active on different levels regarding those topics.

  • Restoring Woodlands

    17 Nov 2020 17:40 GMT

    New England Exemplary Forests are looking to develop their approach into a global standard for sustainable woodland management.

  • SH Logo

    How to create an abundant economy

    17 Nov 2020 17:45 GMT

    Narrated by Charles Eisenstein, this video explores how scarcity creates greed – and how to rethink our economy to enrich our lives and protect the climate.

  • David Urban Headshot

    A guide to sustainable travel and storytelling

    17 Nov 2020 17:50 GMT

    David Urban talks about his experience eco-traveling, the importance of narrative in persuading others to change – and ways to save money, time and the environment while exploring the planet.

  • Diego Saez GilCrista Buznea
    Panel discussion

    Curing Dataphobia: building trust in evidence-based climate solutions

    17 Nov 2020 18:00 GMT

    Diego Saez Gil, Ezra Neale and Steve Malkin join us for a panel discussion about building trust in evidence-based climate solutions.

  • Roxy Furman Headshot

    Roxy the Zoologist: How to get into wildlife conservation

    17 Nov 2020 18:34 GMT

    Roxy tells her story of how she became a zoologist and conservationist, and gives you tips and advice on how to get into wildlife conservation.

  • Lara Jackson Headshot

    How climate change affects Arctic wildlife

    17 Nov 2020 18:50 GMT

    Conservation biologist Lara Jackson explores the effect of climate change on wildlife in the Arctic.

  • WWF Logo

    How to save the world’s wildlife

    17 Nov 2020 19:00 GMT

    Explore the practical solutions available to us to help save the world’s wildlife from extinction.

  • Antonio Aragon Headshot

    Childhood Lost

    17 Nov 2020 19:10 GMT

    From photojournalist Antonio Aragon Renuncio, the hard-hitting piece, Childhood Lost, documents the immeasurable hardship of the men, women and children affected by droughts and famine, who are forced to work in the artisanal gold mines of Burkina Faso. With an audio introduction by Antonio himself.

  • Plant trees, save lives

    17 Nov 2020 19:18 GMT

    Find out how Eden Reforestation Projects are supporting local communities by building one of the world’s most successful reforestation programmes.

  • Paula Miquelis Headshot

    The Naked Arctic Adventure: Raising Awareness about Climate Change

    17 Nov 2020 19:30 GMT

    Paula Miquelis gives an exclusive preview of the upcoming documentary, The Naked Arctic Adventure.

  • Climate Strange: Part 1

    17 Nov 2020 19:50 GMT

    Comedian Matt Winning presents Part 1 of Climate Strange: a hilarious show about what you can do about climate change.

The Arts & Community Stage - Day 2

Wednesday 18th November

  • Cel Spellman Headshot

    How to speak to politicians

    18 Nov 2020 15:00 GMT

    Public concern for the nature and climate crisis is at an all time high – and we need to ensure it remains a priority for our leaders. WWF Ambassador and It’s Time host, Cel Spellman, explains the best way to speak to your MP, and how to get them to join the fight for your world.

  • UKYCC Logo

    Talking Won’t Cut It: Your MP’s Climate Record

    18 Nov 2020 15:05 GMT

    Katie Williams from the UK Youth Climate Coalition discusses how you can hold your representatives to account over their commitment to climate, and introduces Talking Won’t Cut It – a helpful tool developed by UKYCC to track your MP’s voting record.

  • What YOU can do about climate change

    18 Nov 2020 15:14 GMT

    This video is all about doing both personal things to lower your carbon footprint like driving less, but simultaneously acting collectively to create a system in which having a small carbon footprint is feasible for everyone. Structural change and individual change are both necessary to stop climate change.

  • TREESON PosterVictoria Campbell Headshot

    State of Things (from TREESON: An Eco-Musical)

    18 Nov 2020 15:26 GMT

    Written by G. Victoria Campbell.

    The Elements of Wind, Water and Fire summarise the plight of the environment.

  • Jean-Louis Button

    Children of the Revolution

    18 Nov 2020 15:33 GMT

    Jean-Louis Button discusses his personal transition to a sustainable lifestyle, including founding his own grassroots campaign, founding Swansea University Tree Society.

  • Delaney Reynolds Headshot

    The Seas Are Rising and So Are We

    18 Nov 2020 15:43 GMT

    Hear from Delaney Reynolds, a climate activist from Miami, Florida about how she became involved in climate change activism, and the work that she does through the Sink Or Swim Project.

  • Antonio Aragon Headshot

    The Forgotten Souls of Death Quarry

    18 Nov 2020 16:12 GMT

    From photojournalist Antonio Aragon Renuncio, the hard-hitting piece, The Forgotten Souls of Death Quarry, documents the Boulmigou quarry, on the outskirts of Ouagadougou – an open pit excavation where more than 1,500 people work, principally women and children. With an audio introduction by Antonio himself.

  • Earth Speakr Logo

    Olafur Eliasson: Earth Speakr

    18 Nov 2020 16:20 GMT

    Artist Olafur Eliasson introduces Earth Speakr, an artwork that invites kids to speak up for the planet and adults to listen up to what they have to say. You can find out more about Earth Speakr, and get involved, here.

  • Victoria Campbell HeadshotTREESON Poster

    More (from TREESON: An Eco-Musical)

    18 Nov 2020 16:30 GMT

    Written by G. Victoria Campbell.

    Ash hates working for his father’s unethical logging company. Like many millennials, he lacks purpose in his career and life. He is searching for something, but doesn’t yet know what.

  • Bernadette Vallely-Hay Headshot

    The Animal Kingdom

    18 Nov 2020 16:35 GMT

    Animals are part of everything. Bernadette explores why we can’t ignore their suffering.

  • Victoria Campbell HeadshotTREESON Poster

    It’s Time (from TREESON: An Eco-Musical)

    18 Nov 2020 16:55 GMT

    Written by G. Victoria Campbell.

    Ash and Terra stumble upon each other and meet for the first time in the woods. Ash realizes we are running out of time, and what it is he needs to do.

  • Mock COP Logo

    After It’s Time… Mock COP!

    18 Nov 2020 17:00 GMT

    Mana and Lavinia introduce Mock COP, an event which immediately follows It’s Time on 19th November. Mock COP26 is an online event structured exactly like the normal UN climate conference – but it will be entirely run by young people.

  • Guy Loftus Headshot

    The New Story Run: climate activism – on foot!

    18 Nov 2020 17:10 GMT

    The New Story Run follows Rosie Watson, running mostly-solo & unsupported across Europe and Asia – searching for and telling stories of better ways of living, working and meeting our needs in the climate crisis. This video may contain strong language. 

  • El Rio Logo

    Introducing the El Rio reforestation and environmental education programme

    18 Nov 2020 17:20 GMT

    Ben and Edgar from the El Rio Foundation introduce their community and reforestation work with children in Northern Colombia.

  • Earth Minutes Logo

    NOW x Climate Optimism

    18 Nov 2020 17:30 GMT

    This Earth Minutes episode reveals the vital need to consider people, alongside the planet for an optimistic future. We are one global community, and collaboration is exposed to be needed more than ever.

  • Paul Cripps Headshot

    Reforestation in the Peruvian Andes

    18 Nov 2020 17:40 GMT

    LATA Foundation interviews Paul about the reforestation work of ECOAN in the Peruvian Andes.

  • Nimi Dave

    Students for Trees: Protecting woodlands in the UK

    18 Nov 2020 17:49 GMT

    Nimi Dave introduces her campaign with Students for Trees, to recruit tree charter branches – student groups in the UK committed to protecting woodlands.

  • Lara Jackson Headshot

    Lara Jackson: Breaking into conservation

    18 Nov 2020 17:56 GMT

    A question and answer session, originally hosted live on Instagram by Lara, a conservation biologist and wildlife presenter, on how young people can get into professional conservation.

  • Victoria Campbell HeadshotTREESON Poster

    Take Over (from TREESON: An Eco-Musical)

    18 Nov 2020 18:13 GMT

    Written by G. Victoria Campbell.

    Terra feels hopeless in her quest to save the planet. This is her plea to humanity, as she urges everyone to take responsibility.

  • Eve Mosher Headshot

    Courageous Imagination

    18 Nov 2020 18:20 GMT

    Artist Eve Mosher takes you through an interactive session, inviting you to be courageous in imagining a future for your own local community.

  • Victoria Campbell HeadshotTREESON Poster

    Birth to Earth (from TREESON: An Eco-Musical)

    18 Nov 2020 18:40 GMT

    Written by G. Victoria Campbell.

    Ash, Holly, the Activists and the Elements unite at the cliffs in a final call to action.

  • Climate Strange: Part 2

    18 Nov 2020 18:50 GMT

    Comedian Matt Winning presents Part 2 of Climate Strange: a hilarious show about what you can do about climate change.

  • Nick Boles HeadshotCrista BuzneaZina Bencheikh HeadshotBernadette Vallely-Hay HeadshotRob Rinder Headshot
    Panel discussion

    It’s Time: playing our part today for a brighter tomorrow

    18 Nov 2020 19:30 GMT

    Nick Boles is joined by broadcaster Rob Rinder, Zina Bencheikh of Intrepid Travel, author Bernadette Vallely, and Crista Buznea and Elliot Coad, of Ecologi for our final panel discussion, to close the festival.

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