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Leo Wezelius

Leo Wezelius

Volta Greentech

Leo is battling global warming by making cows burp less methane gas.

Most people don’t know it, but cows produce more than 5% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, just by farting and burping methane gas. That is more than twice as much emissions as all the worlds airplanes combined.

Therefore, Leo and his two co-founders Fredrik and Angelo have started Volta Greentech to develop a seaweed based feed supplement, which when added to the daily diet of cows as only 100 grams per day reduces up to 90% of their methane production.

Beyond the concrete goal to make the seaweed supplement an industry standard, Leo wants his work at Volta to be an inspiring example of how we, by daring to think big, can be part of building a new and positive narrative for humanity.


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