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Russ Avery

Russ Avery


Russ is Co-Founder of Elodie, Avery & Brown, and Renewabilitee, and is a specialist marketer and business growth consultant for sustainability-focused brands which put people and planet above profit.

He is also a serial eco entrepreneur, having founded or co-founded several of his own sustainability-focused businesses. These include Elodie GmbH, a sustainability and creative communications consultancy, Renewabilitee, a sustainable and ethical fashion label, and Avery & Brown, a digital marketing and creative agency.

Russ is hell-bent on supporting the growth of businesses which are striving to make our world a better place. He has an extensive track record of doing exactly this, after working in marketing for sustainability-focused businesses and charities since 2010. He does whatever he can to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals and tackle the climate crisis – unquestionably the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.

If sustainability is Russ’s niche, then corporate sustainability consultancies are his micro niche. He has worked with 12 such companies to date, in both the UK and Europe. Russ has helped to put them on the map and sell their planet-positive services more effectively, ultimately helping them to scale.

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