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Amelia Gammon

Amelia Gammon


Amelia has been building businesses for the last 20 years for major media companies (Viacom, Comcast, 20th Century Fox, HTC and MGM). She also advises start-ups.

Amelia launched bide as a reaction to the pandemic. bide is founded on 2 fundamental principles; helping the planet and helping communities.

The first service is an eco-cleaning subscription box which features one month’s supply of zero waste, plastic free, vegan, household products. Many of the items are handmade by the bide home manufacturing network; an initiative to help the hardest struck Covid areas rebuild by reintroducing the cottage industry.

She lives with her young family of 6 in rural Wiltshire. Where they have transformed their home and lifestyle into being fully supportive of the environment, (self sustained, off-grid, de-plasticised, vegan).

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