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The Opera Story

The Opera Story

The Opera Story was founded by Artistic Director Hamish Mackay and Executive Director Manuel Fajardo in London. Since 2016 they have commissioned and produced 4 operas and one song cycle ‘Episodes‘.

The Opera Story works with young writers to retell old stories in a relevant way, and continued to do this through EpisodesEpisodes was inspired by Lockdown, the effects it had on us, and the world we live in. 2021 will bring plenty of culture your way with performances of the postponed ‘Pandora’s Box’ in the spring, their next commission in the autumn, along with more environmental inspired music.

As part of It’s Time, a song from Episodes entitled Nature: Water & Air will feature.

Words by: JL Williams

Composed by Dani Howard

Sung by: Baritone- Benjamin Lewis & Katherine Aitken

Played by: Violinist- Alexandra Lomeiko, Cellist- Peteris Sokolovskis, Flautist- Imogen Royce & Clarinetist- Peter Cigleris

Photography- Michael Matti

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