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Nimi Dave

Nimi Dave

Students for Trees, SOS-UK

Nimi Dave is a member of the Students for Trees council, run by SOS-UK, which works in partnership with The Woodland Trust to help promote engagement between students and trees.

The council does this by recruiting tree charter branches, which is any student group or society in the UK with an interest in protecting woodlands. They help students by providing information, ideas and the option for a £400 grant for all branches. You can apply to become a tree charter branch here.

Students for Trees is also involved in running a virtual festival by the Woodland Trust for National Tree Charter Day on the 28th of November. This festival is to celebrate the work of the charter branches, such as films, panels and performances – and you can sign-up to be a speaker here.

Signing-up for the festival and becoming a charter branch are both free and encouraged for anyone interested in woodland conservation! You can contact Students for Trees at

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