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TREESON: An Eco-Musical

TREESON is set in present-day North America, in the beautiful landscape of the Pacific Northwest, where many respect nature, but others seek to destroy it.

There is the sound of chainsaws cutting trees in the distance. The sun is peeking through the lush, wild rainforest. Terra emerges from the shadows of the canopies, singing a melancholy song about the trees and how much she will miss them when they are gone. Ash, a conflicted heir to Holzenfirma, a logging company responsible for destroying old-growth forests, witnesses her song and hides in the shadows. He is enchanted by her voice and by her message. With the help of the Elements—Water, Wind and Fire—Ash contemplates his purpose and the fate of the planet. This is a love story between humanity and Mother Earth and between Ash and Terra. This is a story that we can’t waste any more time not sharing with the world. Will it be too late? Or will Ash and Terra be able to overcome their differences in time to be together?

Supporting cast includes Don (the villain, who thinks climate change is a hoax), Holly (Ash’s sister, who represents the overlooked everywoman), and a colorful cast of environmental activists, loggers and Instagram influencers.


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