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Victoria Staff

Victoria Staff

Professional Organiser & Wasted Ambassador

In her role as a Professional Organiser, Victoria Staff strives to create much more than just a decluttered home.

Victoria’s approach to work holds a strong reflection to her interest for the concept of Biophilia, and the connection we form to our home environments. She understands the importance of how the way we inhabit our homes has a direct impact on the environment, and our ability to live sustainably.From working with private clients, to workshops and events, she shares with them her knowledge on the subject to aid and inspire the audience towards making the change from a consumerism to conservation lifestyle and the importance of a ‘”circular economy’

The volume of, and rate at which, products pass through our homes, along with the waste that we produce has a hugely detrimental impact on the climate, and the crisis which we see unfolding. Victoria is an advocate for anti-landfill, and is an Ambassador for Wasted – the non-profit tech start up building the UK’s most comprehensive source of environmentally friendly zero waste solutions.

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