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Shakti Sings Choir

The Shakti Sings is a 4-part harmony choir, founded in 2012 by environmentalist Bernadette Vallely and her husband Alexander Hay.

Its theme: to honour the earth and create a community of singers who are environmentally minded and interested in using our voices to sing this praise and love of the Earth.

Our musical director is Philippa Snell who brings an exciting mix of native British songs to match our world music repertoire. The choir creates beautiful music, singing at the opening ceremony at Glastonbury Festival for many years.

Shakti Sings Choir perform at the winter and summer Solstice celebrations in the centre of Stonehenge, Britain’s ancient neolithic stone circle. A project called Sing to the Land, has been honouring the River Thames at outdoor events along its many tributaries. The choir is open to anyone to join, online and in person.

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