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Patch, Wastebusters

Patch, Wastebusters

Patch has sniffed out a problem with waste and when it comes to climate change, Patch thinks,’ we’re all on thin ice my pedigree chums’. So, he and his intergalactic waste busting buddies, Captain Busta and Lieutenant Pong, are on an adventure to explore how we can all reduce, reuse and recycle, but might need a little help from you to save the planet!

Check out Patch’s adventure movie, ‘Litter Things Matter’ on the kids channel, where you can find out where plastic pollution comes from, what we can all do to help stop it, and how you can join the mission and become a Wastebuster. You can even make your own Litter Things Matter poster and send it to Patch who will woof about it. Turn on, tune in, woof out.

There’s no time to waste folks, let’s get Wastebusting! Join us on the mission at and (global)


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