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Kenneth Worthy

Kenneth Worthy, Ph.D. is Chancellor’s Public Scholar and Lecturer at the
University of California, Berkeley; Adjunct Associate Professor at St. Mary’s
College of California; and Research Associate at the University of California,
Santa Cruz.

In his research and teaching Worthy seeks answers to some of modern
humanity’s most pressing questions: What are the historical, cultural, and
philosophical origins of the major environmental crises of our time, such as global
climate disruption, rapid species extinctions, and toxic contaminations of the
biosphere and human bodies? What psychological factors determine whether we
make environmentally destructive choices? What is the right and proper relation
between humans and nature, and can it be informed by non-modern, non-
industrial cultures? He deploys interdisciplinary methods comprising philosophy,
ethics, history, classics, cultural studies, and psychology to shed light on these

Worthy teaches courses in environmental philosophy and ethics, culture and
natural resources, bioethics, sustainability, American environmental history,
world environmental history, nature and culture in Bali, and environmental

His research and reviews have been published in books, articles, and
encyclopedias. His book Invisible Nature: Healing the Destructive Divide between
People and the Environment deepens our understanding of modern human-
environment relations. He writes The Green Mind blog.

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