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Gareth Redmond-King Headshot

Gareth Redmond-King


Gareth joined WWF as head of climate and energy in 2016.

He leads a team of climate specialists focused on UK policy and action to reduce emissions across all sectors to tackle climate change, working closely with a wider network of climate and energy specialists across the WWF global network. This includes detailed energy sector knowledge and engagement, work on greenhouse gas removal options, co-operation and engagement with businesses on climate change, and action across international networks, including with UN climate change processes. Before WWF, Gareth worked for the UK government for 15 years across a range of policy portfolios, as well as leading large operational delivery teams, and working directly for Ministers.

Most recently he led a team in the energy and climate change ministry which had responsibility for providing subsidy and support to companies, organisations and households to install and operate renewable electricity infrastructure in the UK.

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