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Bethan Stewart-James

Shwmae fy enw i yw Bethan / Hello my name is Bethan Stewart-James.

I am ten years old, and I live in Pembrokeshire in West Wales. My passion and joy is helping to save the planet (and I love Harry Potter, and dogs) as we only have one planet and we should try and save it, instead of trying to evacuate to Mars or looking for another way out of this sticky mess.

I have been interested in saving the planet ever since my brother told me there was an island of plastic in the sea (the sea is one of my favourite places).

My pride at school is and always will be a member of the Eco-club. The thing that motivates me most is saving the seas, as they are so important to me.

My hobbies are swimming (mainly in the sea), and animals of any size or shape. I also love cycling (but broke my bike recently). Also I love playing with my dog, art and litter picking, reading and of course, theatre.

love going on long beautiful walks (especially if we get to see horses on the way) though I admit sometimes I get a bit moany, but deep down I really love it.

My favourite subject is probably history or languages, though I’m not in high school yet I love learning about history and what it was like before single use plastic was invented.

One thing you need to know about me is, I’m a real book-worm, especially Harry Potter but I can’t read one book at a time for some reason, it has to be at least two.

Some of my favourite charities are the World Wide Fund for Nature, because of their positive impact on the environment and the way they make us think, and how they are devoted to saving wildlife and all of Earth’s beautiful creatures. I also love the International Fund for Animal Welfare because of their work to save all animals. A charity that is helping stop global warming and preserving wildlife is the Wildlife Trust and I love how they are planting forests that will become ancient and precious to future generations.

One thing you can do for free to help with planting more trees is change your search engine

to Ecosia. It is powered by Bing and every forty searches you do online they plant a tree for

you. If you are more interested in saving the seas then I have heard of Ekoru which cleans a pound of plastic for every internet search and reforests sea beds with seagrass . Another search engine is Ocean Hero which collects one bottle out of the ocean for every five searches.

So in conclusion, I’m a crazy, happy activist, that’s very dramatic, that cries when they see a dead worm and spends at least 40 minutes of their day saving individual insects from either drowning in the sea or being trodden on a path. Some people call it wasting time but I say it is saving lives.

Keep on fighting,


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