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Basma Khalifa Headshot

Basma Khalifa

Basma Khalifa is a Sudanese multi-disciplinary creative currently living in London – but raised in Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Across all her creative outlets from her work as a Director, Filmmaker, Writer and Fashion Stylist, Basma believes in creating and telling stories about and for the under-represented youth of our generation.

Basma speaks to cultures, heritage and sectors within society which she feels mould our future. Her work seeks to empower creatives and encourage others to explore their identity.

Basma is perhaps best known for fronting her BBC3 Doc ‘Inside the real Saudi Arabia…and Why I had to Leave’. She has also filmed regular features on The One Show and Vice.

Over lockdown, Basma has directed two projects – for both Apple and Facebook, that will launch this month. Basma also hosts the ‘Unpretty Podcast’ which involves her sitting down with her female friends to discuss everything from race, religion to hair to body image.

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